So You Want To Know More About Us?
Be Careful What You Ask For

Production Animal was founded in 2003 in Sacramento, California and then one year later moved to Panama City, Florida.  It’s founder, Matt Storrar, has been making websites pretty much since the internet began and before Google was founded.  Once in Florida, Matt set about finding local businesses to do websites for and found interest in his unique, bold designs but even more so in his ability to get websites ranked which translated into business.  Matt drills this into our heads daily: “You can have the prettiest website on the internet, but unless people can find it, it’s useless.”  He stresses that the first step to making any website is to study the category the site will be competing in along with it’s future competition and do better than they’ve done so that Google and other search engines have no choice but to list it ahead of that competition, resulting in traffic.

Production Animal was founded on the principles that were drilled into Matt’s head as a kid: hard work, integrity, honesty, loyalty, setting realistic expectations and last, but not least, kick everybody’s ass at whatever you choose to do.

So what are you waiting for, give Production Animal a call today: (850) 348-1541

dog on computer

The Production Animal Promise

We promise that if you trust us with your website that we get you are trusting us with your business.  We promise that no matter what we are working on for you, the thought that takes priority the entire time is “How can we bring this company more business?”  We promise that when we bill you for ten hours, we did twelve.  We promise that we will stand behind our work and not leave you waiting for a response for help and that we are accessible seven days a week.  Finally, we promise that we will set realistic expectations for your project and always “under-promise and over-deliver”.

(850) 348-1541

More About Our Mascot

Heelers are amongst the top ten smartest dogs in the world, built for hard work and getting the job done quickly and efficiently. When we were trying to come up with a name for our company, we aspired to be like Kaya.  We love our work so we tackle every job with the same ferociousness that Kaya would tackle hers.  Nothing is too big (like Kaya when she faces off with a bull) or too small (like Kaya when she chases lizards).  Kaya is loyal like we are to our clients. We have fun doing what we do which translates into great websites.  Kaya is our mascot and we strive to be more like her every day.