Flipping the Script on How
Websites are Done.

Tired of trying to find someone who speaks YOUR language when it comes to websites and not the other way around?  Tired of looking for someone who will do the work in a timely manner?  Tired of dealing with website companies that hold you hostage with hosting, domains and design and make you beholden to them for the life of your site?  Tired of investing money into a website only to not be able to find it on Google? Tired of trying to sell your products only to be lost in a sea of competition?

Welcome to Production Animal

Website Development

Get a modern website that highlights your business the way you want it to. We do as much or as little as you want us to.


Get your products found and sold using all of the tools available. We don't try re-inventing the wheel. We use proven, NOW-technology to help you sell.

Search Engine Optimization

Trust your search results to over 20 years of experience. We were there when Google was born and we've paid attention as it's grown up.

the production animal Difference

You are searching for a web developer and we all look the same on the surface, no?  So what makes Production Animal different?  

First, we have over 20 years of making websites that generate revenue.  Second, and probably most importantly if you’ve ever had to deal with our industry, we set expectations where they should be.  Websites are ALWAYS a work in progress if you want them to make money.  The internet is teeming with competition and the only way to get to the top of search results is to keep working on it.  Anyone who promises you a spot on that front page of Google search results is lying to you (even though we have a great track record with that).  We know how to play the game, and that’s what it is, a very complex, very work-intensive game.  We were getting sites ranked on Yahoo before Google was even born so we know how search engines “think”.  Most web companies use software (don’t get us wrong, we do too, its just not ALL we use), but knowing how search engines have grown up and evolved, being there first-hand and continuously fighting to get our clients to the top is not experience you can just sweep under the rug when deciding your website’s fate.  Lastly, and to our last point, we will always “under-promise and over-deliver” and not the other way around.  This goes for how long it will take us to get the work done to how much we will charge.  Oh, one more thing. We NEVER make promises we can’t keep.  All of this, when you consider our industry at large (and even our local competition) should have Production Animal at the top of your list.

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What's Up with the dog?

Meet Kaya.  She is an Australian Cattle Dog, or “Blue Heeler”, which are bred to herd cattle, making her a working dog, or a “production animal”.  Production animals get the job done quick and completely. Unlike a lot of our competitors who take their sweet time with the work, we here at Production Animal know time is money and since we have plenty of work to do, we don’t feel the need to milk any project and that translates not only to happy customers, but repeat business.

The things we do best


E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design. You can have the prettiest website in the world, but if no one can find it, it's worthless to your business. We can get you found and setup to sell your products.

Business Branding & Marketing

Logos, Social Media Management, Google. We will help with your entire digital marketing campaign and link your website to Google and social media for marketing and selling purposes.

Project Management

Large websites can seem daunting to the owner. Let us take charge and get it done for you. We will help with things other website companies won't. Whatever it takes to get the job done.

Photography & Video

We will shoot your photos, video and turn it into business art that makes money. The images and video you put on your website are vital to customer conversion.