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Graphic Design, Logos   Vector vs. digital art
Your logo, artwork that represents your business. Your website, business cards, brochures...your advertising. It's all a reflection of you and your company. Properly designed, they communicate to your employees and your customers that your company is credible, trustworthy and professional. Your business image depends on a logo design and graphic art that is polished and distinctive. Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand and all logos should be drawn originally in vector format. Production Animal can design you a logo and artwork that you can use for print and web design.

Before computers, there was only one professional format for business art...vector. This type of art was the industry standard for graphics done for any purpose because vector art is defined by it's lines and curves, which means once it's drawn, you can resize it and it always keeps its integrity. But when computers were introduced, it quickly became apparent that vector art wasn't going to work because computers can only read dots (pixels), digital art.

For years, one of the biggest challenges for people designing web pages was that digital art, when it's resized, becomes pixelated, blurry and it's crispness is lost. Webmasters did their best to display artwork and get it as close to 'vector-looking' as possible.

Every time you copy an image, whether it be directly from vector art or digital, to digital, it becomes degraded, pixelated.

Now, we've learned that if you draw your website art in vector format and then convert it directly to digital, then that first copy is pretty close to the original. Most web designers don't know how to draw vector art. Production Animal not only knows how to draw vector art, its the only kind of art that it will draw for your website or print graphics. Thus, the artwork is much more vibrant than that you see on other sites.

It has been in the works now for many years...sometime soon, vector art will be able to be displayed on a computer screen without the help of Flash (Flash allows vector art). When that day comes, pixelated graphics on the internet will be a thing of the past. But until that time, make sure that whoever does your logo, brochure or website graphics, knows how to draw in vector format. If your graphics are originally done in digital format, you will have to redraw them everytime you want to use them or suffer the pain of pixelation.

Tiffin Interiors artwork

Tiger logo for high school

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